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The Late Ada Emilia Ruth Valmori Bsc.Hons. Her Dissertation by ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI BSc. (Hons).

These are the days of reflection; the times of our lives that one has to be afraid of the WORLD. What we have experienced does not reflect to what we had thought of life. ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI’S DESTINY, has been altered overnight, underneath the watchful eyes of GOD. God is her first witness, I am her second; the only living witness, her ambassador and the voice of the DECEASED; ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI, who’s now silenced. God and I, were witnesses that heard,sat, stood, and watched all with amazement. What a prize to pay for being the daughter, of those who fell from grace! Their kindnesses, and their treats are questionable. When someone is poor, they tend to have little or no protection. Dignity, and respect eroded by the mighty WORLD because somebody stepped on our toes! Still I could recall how frail and fragile she was; as she looked into my eyes. I have always tended to have admiration for those who love the truth, and would let JUSTICE REIGN. A man stamped his feet, a gentle tap dance, he sighed; and looked at ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI, and said something that, GOD, THE NOW SILENCED AND I HEARD! Since I was born, I have never seen or been close to a corpse, the first corpse I saw was that of my daughter; You cannot begin to imagine, how distressful and stressful this has been to me as her mother but for her sake, nothing is too much to bear. I stood in the shadow of my daughter’s life; watched my child, as she faded away within three weeks. ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI, spent twelve years at boarding schools. One year at GRACE DIEU MANOR HOUSE SCHOOL, AT COALVILLE, LEICESTER, ENGLAND. NINE YEARS AT A CONVENT SCHOOL called “THE TOWERS” AT UPPER BEADING, WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND RUN BY IRISH NUNS. AN EX-STUDENT AT “ST. CLARE’S INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE,” BAMBURY ROAD, OXFORD, ENGLAND FOR TWO YEARS. ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI WENT TO READ: (Humanities, Social History, History and English Literature) AT BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY, ENGLAND and graduated on the eight day of December 2005 WITH Hons. What took us twenty-eight years of hard-works to achieve; from conception to adulthood, all the sacrifices made to bring “ADA-EMILIA RUTH VALMORI UP,” all HER hardworks to study in order to make something of HERSELF; and all her inputs have now gone to waste as it took three evils just three weeks, yes, three weeks to destroy all our efforts! “TRES JEFES, CON SU AMIGOS!”

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